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Uncertainty Quantification

Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) has become a well-accepted challenge to computational science and engineering (CSE). Several initiatives to frame UQ in the context of CSE were spawned in recent years, driven initially by DOE's desire to extend the mathematical rigor of CSE to decision sciences supported by these CSE. The need for this rigor has been made particularly accute in view of the rapid increase in computational resources, and has since been recognized by all mission-oriented funding agencies, as well as permeated many initiatives at NSF. The scientific community has responded to this situation with a research gradient that reflects acknowledgement of the challenges and opportunities. USACM has taken the lead in this respect, with a sustained involvement over the past decade that manifested itself in over a dozen sessions at each USNCCM since the Sixth Congress at Dearborn in 2001. It is relevant and instructive to note that participation in these sessions continues to involve, largely, a constituency that is significantly younger than the average USACM age. A USACM committee on Uncertainty Quantification is being proposed whose mission statement and activities are described in the following.

Mission Statement The USACM-UQ committee will leverage the professional and scientific breadth of USACM to promote the development of innovative concepts, methods, algorithms and applications in the general area of uncertainty quantification. USACM-UQ will serve to coordinate UQ-related activities between USACM constituency and other relevant professional organizations.

Planned Activities of the Committee USACM-UQ will pursue its objectives by supporting and organizing the following activities. It is expected that these activities will be financially self-supporting. A revenue-sharing mechanism with USACM will be based on USACM by-laws. co-organize the biennial UQ-conference in collaboration with SIAM and ASA (American Statistical Association). organize and sponsor workshops that develop synergies between various elements of USACM and its UQ component. organize and sponsor short courses, both at USNCCM and elsewhere. sponsor the development of periodical state-of-the-art reports on UQ. Membership in USACM-UQ committee will be solicited from members of the USACM in good standing, with no additional fees. Requests for membership must be approved by the Executive committee.