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Tuesday, April 12, 2016 - 10:23
Towards a better understanding of the early stages of cavitation in high pressure hydrogen-exposed rubbers under decompression
France - Japan
Pprime institut, France
The goal of the PhD is to better understand the very early stages of cavitation observed during
pressure release in a rubber previously exposed to high-pressure hydrogen. Since it may affect
permeation properties and mechanical resistance, such damage is a major concern for industrial
components designed for fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen charge stations. This issue is crucial to
improve design and formulation of hydrogen-exposed rubbers but faces strong limitations related to hydrogen manipulation
for in-situ experiments and to the relevant scales. Only a few laboratories are able today to conduct physical and mechanical experiments under high-pressure hydrogen in polymers. Kyushu University (KU) and Institut Pprime are leaders in this field. Recent developments from the two laboratories provide unprecedented in-situ experiments (in-situ Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering (SAXS), in-situ X-ray tomography) operating during decompression after high-pressure hydrogen exposure, and able to discuss the mechanisms activated during the transition from a heterogeneous gas-polymer equilibrium state towards a damaged state as detected at the micro-scale.
Talented and enthusiastic candidates with a MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science or Polymer Science are encouraged to apply. Strong knowledge in some of the following fields is required: continuum mechanics, transport phenomena, polymer science. Candidates must have a strong interest in multidisciplinary research, a deep scientific curiosity and possess a drive to learn new methods and concepts, especially in the experimental field. Good communication skills are required in oral and written English .
The PhD student will be employed by Poitiers University for 3 years (net salary 1630€/month). He/she will spend the first year in Japan (Fukuoka) and the two following ones in France (Poitiers). Applications can be submitted until May 20, 2016. Application documents (in PDF format) must contain: letter of motivation, detailed curriculum vitae, transcripts of BSc and MSc grades. Contact information of potential referees would be appreciated.
Interested candidates must contact very quickly one of the PhD supervisors: Dr. Sylvie Castagnet (
Dr. Sylvie Castagne
3 years
May 20, 2016