Organizing a USACM Thematic Event

If a USACM member is interested in organizing a USACM Thematic Event, go to Guidelines for USACM Thematic Events for information.

The following conferences are organized or sponsored by USACM and are of interest to those in the computational mechanics community. To request that a conference be posted, please send your information to [email protected].

Upcoming USACM Thematic and National Congresses

Experimental and Computational Fracture Mechanics: Validating peridynamics and phase field models, February 26-28, 2020, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (TTA on Large Scale Structural Systems and Optimal Design)

Meshfree and Novel Finite Elements with Applications, September 27-29, 2020, Berkeley, California (TTA on Novel Methods in Computational Engineering and Sciences)

Isogeometric Analysis 2020, October 18-21, 2020, Banff, Canada (TTA on Isogeometric Analysis)

16th U.S. National Congress on Computational Mechanics, July 25-29, 2021, Chicago, Illinois

Other Conferences of Interest

IACM World Congress

14th WCCM & Eccomas Congress 2020, July 19-24, 2020, Paris, France
Young Investigator Minisymposium

Past Conferences

Previous National Congresses

Past Thematic Conferences

Past Affiliated Conferences


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