Thematic Conference Guidelines

Guidelines for Organizing a USACM Thematic Event

The Executive Council (EC) of the USACM is interested in promoting events such as workshop and thematic conferences in order to better focus on specific topics of interest to our membership.  USACM members are encouraged to organize and promote thematic conferences that are in line with the goals and interests of USACM.  Below are guidelines established by the USACM EC to govern these events. These were approved September 2013.

1.  Qualification.  Any regular member of USACM in good standing may appy to organize a USACM thematic event of the following types:

  • Student symposium
  • Workshop (<150 participants)
  • Short courses (<100 participants)
  • Thematic conference (50 to 300 participants)

2.  Timing.  No USACM thematic event will be organized by USACM that are proposed to be held one month prior, the same month, or one month after the U.S. National Congress.  Typically, the U.S. National Congress is held in July of odd-numbered years; therefore no events will be organized that are held in June, July, or August of those years.

3.  Administrative and Finances.  USACM will administer and handle all financial matters for all USACM organized thematic events.  A general list of functions provided by USACM is as follows (not exclusive):

  • Consultation and general meeting experience sharing to local organizers
  • Online abstract submission management
  • Online registration (fees will go directly to USACM)
  • Dissemination of mailing information
  • Maintenance of correspondence with organizers, invited speakers and general contributors
  • Setting up of online technical program and/or mobile app
  • Advertising (print and electronic)
  • Negotiations for venues, hotels, catering, etc.
  • Staff support during the event
  • Management of all financial issues, including financial reports
  • Payment of all expenses directly through USACM

4.  Organizer compensation.  It is understood that organizing a USACM thematic event is a service to the USACM community that promotes the general goals of USACM and computational mechanics in general.  USACM will make no financial compensation to an individual organizer or group of organizers or to their institution.

5.  Submission of request.  Requests to organize a USACM thematic event are to be submitted via the online form.  You may also print the form and email it to USACM at [email protected].

6.  Approval of request.  A committee comprised of member of the Executive Council will review the proposals periodically.  Recommendations will be made to the EC officers for final approval.

7.  Memorandum of Understanding.  After approval by the EC officers, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) must be signed by the organizers and USACM President (on behalf of USACM EC) regarding organization, administration, finances, and reporting as outlined in these guidelines.  Once the MOU is signed by both parties, the event will be posted on the USACM website as an official USACM Thematic Event.