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USACM Nanotechnology Virtual Seminar
Wednesday, July 27, 2022, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM CDT
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USACM Nanotechnology Virtual Seminar

Questing for Structural Predictors of Plastic and Failure Response in Glasses


Michael L. Falk, Johns Hopkins University





For decades materials scientists, mechanicians and physicists have searched for structural predictors for plastic flow and failure in glasses and other amorphous materials. Due to the lack of any crystalline order in these materials, disorder rules the day on many scales. This makes quantifying the microstructures of amorphous materials difficult. Such quantification is necessary for building predictive theories that can guide materials design and the development of processing to improve mechanical properties. Here I will consider some particular case studies from my own work with collaborators: the use of machine learning to fit a constitutive model to molecular dynamics data, the use of computer modeling to quantify of the local yield surface in two- and three-dimensions, and an attempt to use an equation-free method to harvest simulation data for the quantification of plastic constitutive response in a 3D binary glass. Reflections on these efforts will be discussed in order to consider the prospects for harnessing machine learning for the development of physically interpretable structural characterization and materials response theories.