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Computational Mechanics
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International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering
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e-mail: iacm@cimne.upc.es

website: http://www.cimne.upc.es/iacm/

The International Association for Computational Mechanics was founded to promote advances in computational mechanics by the international group of scholars and practitioners of this new discipline.
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IACM National and Regional Organizations.

A number of national and regional organizations are affiliated to IACM. Members can join IACM via such organizations, which remain independent with their own local activities and constitutions but co-operate with it for the common good. Currently, there are 20 affiliated organizations, representing 27 different countries from worldwide.


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As one of a growing nationwide group of engineers and scientists involved in commercial or academic activities in Computational Mechanics (CM), you need up-to-date information and an active network of contacts. Membership in USACM can help you obtain information and provide forums for meeting new colleagues and friends.