Student Chapter

Student Chapter

This chapter is a nationwide chapter to help promote computational mechanics to young researchers and improve student engagement and professional development within our community.

USACM Student Chapter Seminar Series


Q: Are there additional dues required to join the USACM student chapter?
A: No additional dues are required.

Q: Who is eligible to join the USACM student chapter?
A: All people interested in computational mechanics are welcome to join. However, only USACM student members are eligible for student events.
Additionally, USACM student members who have graduated within 2 years are also eligible to participate in student events.

Q: How do I join the USACM student chapter?
A: Join us on our official discord server to keep up to date with our activities.


Q: How do I become a USACM student member?
AFill out the membership form.


Student Chapter Bylaws


Jessica Zhang, Carnegie Mellon University
John Evans, University of Colorado Boulder
David Littlewood, Sandia National Laboratories
Patrick Diehl, Louisiana State University

Student Leadership
: Osama M. Raisuddin, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Vice-Chair: Aviral Prakash, University of Colorado Boulder
Member-at-Large: Prajwal Kammardi Arunachala, Stanford University
Bahador Bahmani, Johns Hopkins University
Jingye Tan (Kira), Cornell University

Executive Members
Shenglin Huang, University of Pennsylvania
Akanksha Parmar, Purdue University
Kuanren Qian (Will), Carnegie Mellon University
Ricardo Roopnarinesingh, University of Colorado Boulder
Chayut Teeraratkul, University of Colorado Boulder


Benefits of Membership

Active USACM members receive the following benefits:

  • Discounts for USACM congress registration fee
  • Registration discount for IACM congresses and most events sponsored by IACM 
  • Registration discount for all US thematic conferences and workshops
  • Newsletter
  • Membership spotlights on the USACM website
  • Voting privileges (electing USACM officers, EC members  and USACM awards) are reserved for regular members only as is the eligibility for the USACM awards.



Why USACM Membership

As one of a growing nationwide group of engineers and scientists involved in commercial or academic activities in Computational Mechanics (CM), you need up-to-date information and an active network of contacts. Membership in USACM can help you obtain information and provide forums for meeting new colleagues and friends.