USACM Technical Thrust Areas




Biological Systems


Chair: Jessica Zhang, Carnegie Mellon University

Vice-Chair: Michael Sacks, University of Texas at Austin

Member-at-Large: Matthew B. Panzer, University of Virginia

Debanjan Mukherjee, University of Colorado Boulder

Computational Fluid Dynamics and Fluid-Structure Interaction


Chair: John Evans, University of Colorado-Boulder

Vice-Chair: Jinhui Yan, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Members-at-Large: Artem Korobenko, University of Calgary

Hugo Casquero, University of Michigan - Dearborn

Data-Driven Modeling


Chair: Assad Oberai, University of Southern California

Vice-Chair: Alireza Doostan, University of Colorado Boulder

Members-at-Large: Paris Perdikaris, University of Pennsylvania

Jian-Xun Wang, Notre Dame University

Energy & Earth Systems


Chair: Irina Tezaur, Sandia National Laboratories

Vice-Chair: Steve WaiChing Sun, Columbia University

Members-at-Large: Yuri Bazilevs, Brown University

Clint Dawson, The University of Texas at Austin

Isogeometric Analysis


Chair: Ming-Chen Hsu, Iowa State University

Vice-Chair: Hugo Casquero, University of Michigan - Dearborn

Members-at-Large: Victor Calo, Curtin University

Emily Johnson, University of Notre Dame

Large Scale Structural Systems and Optimal Design


Chair: X. Shelly Zhang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Vice-Chair: Patrick Diehl, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Members-at-Large: Daicong Da, Boise State University

Parisa Khodabakhshi, Lehigh University

Manufacturing and Materials Processing


Chair: Neil Hodge, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Vice-Chair: Greg Wagner, Northwestern University

Member-at-Large: Christian Peco, The Pennsylvania State University

Mathematical Methods in Computational Engineering & Sciences


Chair: Guglielmo Scovazzi, Duke University

Vice-Chair: Pablo Seleson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Members-at-Large: Judy Yang, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

Nabil Atallah, Duke University

Multi-Scale, Multi-functional Materials and Structures


Chair: Shawn Chester, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Vice-Chair: Steve WaiChing Sun, Columbia University

Members-at-Large: Nikolaos Bouklas, Cornell University

Wei Gao, Texas A&M University

Nanotechnology and Lower Scale Phenomena


Chair:  Jaroslaw Knap, U.S. Army Research Laboratory

Vice-Chair: Amartya Banerjee, University of California Los Angeles

Members-at-Large: Nikhil Chandra Admal, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Susanta Ghosh, Michigan Technological University

Novel Methods in Computational Engineering and Sciences


Chair: John Foster, University of Texas at Austin

Vice-Chair: Pania Newell, University of Utah

Member-at-Large: Michael Hillman, Karagozian and Case, Inc.

Steve WaiChing Sun, Columbia University

Uncertainty Quantification and Probabilistic Modeling


Chair: Serge Prudhomme, Polytechnique Montréal

Vice-Chair: Johann Guilleminot, Duke University

Members-at-Large: Jian-Xun Wang, Notre Dame University

Michael Shields, Johns Hopkins University